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About Us

Our Profile

Who We Are

We are an Energy Service Company registered and certified by Contractors Registration Board (CRB) with in-house expertise for a turnkey solution from engineering to the designing, procurement and construction of the energy solution and infrastructure. 

Why Choose GIBOTEL?

Choosing Gibotel means transforming your need into a better state with quality, efficiency, reliability, and longevity. This is because we not only want to offer a solution that fits a customer's requirements but exceeds their expectations. 



Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision ourselves as being life transformers with a customized, clean, affordable, reliable and world-class Energy Solution.

Our Mission

Our days are complete when our stakeholders feel their lives have been transformed to their expectations.

Our Slogan

We Transform Lives! With energy people will be able to transform their lives in rural areas they will be able to run small businesses like modern barbershops, welding, milling and refrigerating businesses among others. For industrial plants, alternative power solutions such as solar power will cut down power bills while improving energy reliability and quality.

Our Promise

The market offers many possibilities, but for Gibotel, transformation with quality comes above all. Where there is quality, there is efficiency, reliability and longevity. This is because we not only want to offer a solution that fits the requirements of our customers, but also exceed their expectations.

Our promise to you is transformation of your need to a better state.