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Our Team

Our Founders

Godfrey Shayo
Godfrey Shayo
Managing Director

Godfrey is a strategic and innovative leader with a proven record of managing successful and results - oriented business models. As the Managing Director of Gibotel since 2016, he believes many factors would prove success for the business but customer satisfaction will always standout.

Iddi Mziray,
Iddi Mziray,
Technical Director

Iddi Mziray, has more than twelve years of experience in dealing with Energy and Telecommunication Networks. He has been working with national and multinational energy and telecommunication companies at different capacities.

The GIBOTEL Organization Structure.

We have structured our team in such a way that we always meet our clients’ expectations. Here below is an overview of how we have structured ourselves to ensure transformation in every need that comes to our attention.


Personnel Affairs and Administration

This is the department tasked with the responsibility of talent acquisition and retention, recruitment, evaluation, continuous improvement, health and safety to meet business demands.

Finance & Procurement

This department has the primary obligation of ensuring the business remains profitable, complies with all legal and statutory requirements of the land while creatively maximizing the stakeholders’ interests.


This is where our team of engineers sits i.e. Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Telecom Engineers. The main responsibility of this department is to ensure efficiency in utilization of resources without compromising the quality and specifications given by the client.

Project Management

The primary objective of this unit is to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. It creates processes and procedures that ensure high quality standards are achieved and maintained across all projects in the organization. Customer Focus is the main focus of this team.

Renewable Energy Development

The unit is dedicated to developing internal technical capacity for solar energy solutions, providing an end-to-end technical capacity from survey, design and deployment. The unit customizes customer’s energy requirements and makes professional recommendations for any efficiency optimization.

This unit is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring GIBOTEL’s dream is realized: To be a hub of SMART CARE (Clean, Affordable and Reliable Energy).